Category: Enfield no4 mk1 bolt head ... The No4 and 5's had different length numbered bolt heads to make up for excessive ... SMLE & Lee Enfield Bolt Heads.. Original Item: Head only, size 0 Hi I have this for sale: Lee Enfield savage no 4 Mk1* 85Cxxxx Bolt head is no 1 Bolt and mag are match to the receiver Nice bore.... Results 1 - 40 of 109 Enfield, Lee . No4 Mk1 7. 112 Hearn Ave Long Branch, NJ 07740. . 303 Brit *CLASSIC MILITARY RIFLE* . The bolt head is released by a.... Aug 14, 2020 Items,Lee Enfield SMLE No4 MKI Bolt Head Release Catch in Collectibles, Militaria, WW II (1939-45), Original Period Items, Great Britain, Other.... Feb 18, 2021 Lee Enfield Barrel Smle No 1 Mkiii Original W Sights 303 Good Shape ... $9.50. Original No.4 Mk1, Bolt Head Catch Set. Add to My Saved Parts.... May 30, 2021 SMLE & Lee Enfield Bolt Heads. No4 Mk1 - has the "little lever" by the charger bridge. If the bolt head "always jumps out of the track" your words.... Oct 2, 2009 Quantity in Stock: (Out of Stock) Enfield Bolt Head, Size 2 .630" No.4 MK1 #3 Bolt Head Enfield. The numbers x1, x9 etc are the number of.... enfield no4 mk1 bolt head. Thanks from stokyLazerusnf1e and 6 others. I have wanted a No 4 for some time. Too many guns, not enough money or time. Thanks.... 1 MKIII, NO 4 MKI & MKII, NO 2 MKIII, NO 5 JUNGLE CARBINE, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation . lee enfield no4 bolt head for sale Jan 02, 2010 bought two.... May 29, 2012 SMLE No1-Mk3 and Enfield No4-Mk1,2,5 SMLE No1-Mk3 No4-Mk1,2,5 ... Free postage. spares (non FAC required) for Lee Enfield bolt action rifles. ... Ended up with damaged threads insice the bolt and on the bolt head.. Feb 19, 2021 New Listing lee enfield no 4 mk1 22 cal bolt head canadian no 7. Haven't shot it. BB 8584 The Lee Enfield is one of the longest serving rifles in... 31ebe8ef48

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